Library Facility

Library and Information Resources provides collections, programs, and services designed to encourage intellectual growth and artistic expression. The library is a place for collaborative learning where students and faculty meet to discuss projects and debate ideas.

A most modern brain testing and brain tempting library with more books in catering and related subjects to make our students second to none and to keep pace with the explosion of knowledge.

Library consists of variety of books which are related to:

Hospitality Industry
Food Service
Food Service Management
Hotel Management and many more...

In library we also have web resources for sites related to...

  • Hospitality Food Service and Hotel Management.
  • Legal information for Hospitality Food Service and Hotel Management.
  • Library research guides that can help with Hospitality Food Service and Hotel Management and many more...

Librarians are ready and willing to help you with your library research at the Reference Desk and in other departments of the library.

Learning about the Library
Handouts describing the library and its services can be found near the entrance.

Access to Databases
The library provides access to dozens of periodical databases on a wide range of subjects. Some provide citations and abstracts, while others provide the complete text of articles. Databases are available at library, remotely from faculty and staff.

Multicultural Program
The Multicultural Program uses the library's collections and services to support cultural diversity. Its activities include collecting materials in ethnic/multicultural studies, assistance and instruction in the use of those materials, outreach to culturally diverse students to encourage knowledge and use of the library, and library displays on cultural topics.

Library Media Center
Videos and video sets of educational value are available for individual study in the Music and Media Library