In-House Training Labratory

Basic Training Kitchen: To acquaint the students with fundamentals of Food Production, enabling the student to learn the basic process of cooking, mastering the subject of the ingredients used and their importance – Methods of cooking and related terminology.

Quantity Training Kitchen: To provide hands on practical training in quantity cooking emphasizing on the mixing & combining of ingredients in right proportions for large quantities, rectification of errors during cooking to avoid wastage and to introduce the students to Indian Regional Cuisines with special emphasis on authenticity... read more

Learning Facility

Computer Laboratory: A Computer Lab to learn applications of high technology in the workplace for efficiency in accounting, purchasing, inventory and recipe management. Using the internet research to find out and learn about topics related to Food and Service Industry.Audio Visual Hall

Audio Visual Hall: Area where demonstrations, guest lectures, classes with OHP, students seminars and workshop are conducted. Students are also given coaching on communicational skills by using latest Audio aided techniques. The conference room is equipped with modern audio-video technological facilities. The conference room witnesses the young talent indulge in group discussions, presentations, mock sessions, online seminars etc.... read more


Library Facility

Library and Information Resources provides collections, programs, and services designed to encourage intellectual growth and artistic expression. The library is a place for collaborative learning where students and faculty meet to discuss projects and debate ideas.

A most modern brain testing and brain tempting library with more books in catering and related subjects to make our students second to none and to keep pace with the explosion of knowledge. Library consists of variety of books which are related to ... read more

Hostel Facility

As residence on campus is compulsory, the Institute is fully aware of safety and security aspects in regard to the students, particularly female students. There are separate hostel buildings for ladies and gentlemen. Both hostels are under the supervision of a warden (a female warden for the ladies' hostel) residing in the building. In the entrance area of the hostels, there is a reception desk, where all entries and attendances are verified, in addition to the strict security check at the main gate of the Institute's premises.

Parents, including male members of the family, have access to the reception, featuring a lounge area. No male persons, including family members, are authorized to be on the floors of the ladies hostel, except under prior permission from the Director or under his delegated authority... read more

Student Representative Council

DIHM has its own Student Council, which consists of a committee of students, elected by the students in each semester of the course. Meetings between the Council and the School are held regularly, with an agenda drawn up by the Council on behalf of the student body. The agenda can include items concerning student social or welfare concerns, general operational problems or academic matters which the students wish to bring to the attention of the Management. A Students' Representative Council represents student interests in academy, school or other educational institution... read more